Latest transfers and rumours for the best european club in the top five league? You’d better chek out this article. So let’s see togheter.

Latest transfer and rumous

Premier league: The norwegian stricker Haaland is a former Borussia Dortmund player. His new club is going to be Manchester City, which is trained by the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola.

French player, Paul Pogba, seems, that wants to change club again this season. He is not more happy at Manchester United. Manchester City could be an option; his former team Juventus are interested as well, in signing the french; again Psg is linked for the transfer of Pogba. Chelsea: german centre back Antonio Rudiger will leave, this summer, on a free transfer.

Santiago Bernabeu.

Liga: World champion 2018, Kylian Mbappe is closer to sign with Real Madrid, with Paris Saint Germain that is looking for his substitute. Other sources say that the french reach agreement with Psg to stay. We’ll see what is going to happen in the next days. Barcelona are interested in Alvaro Morata of Juventus; the catalan club are alredy the next destination of midfielder Franck Kessi√©, from Ac Milan.

Paris Saint Germain: latest transfers and rumours are, from some years ’til now, heavely linked with the rich french club, every summer. After the farewell of Mbappe, seems that Di Maria is ready to leave the team as well, with Juventus that could be his next destination.

Here was a little talk about latest transfers and rumours, but stay tuned for upcoming moves.